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The election

Time for another protest vote.  I haven't voted Libertarian on the presidential ticket since 2000, but Gary Johnson is getting my vote this time (unless any of you know a reason I shouldn't vote that way).

Edu-ma-cational system analysis

From page 187 of "How to Manage the R&D Staff: A Looking-Glass World", by James E. Tingstad.

"Power over and responsibility for other adults is a new, euphoric, and intimidating experience for most people.  Since many new supervisors are thrust into their positions with little or no management training and very little advance notice, their initial tendency is to rely on parental behavior.  But subordinates are not children, and treating them as such will meet with resistance, thus creating confusion and frustration."

Compare this to the attitudes of so many in Government, as well as Administration, Faculty, and Staff at tertiary educational institutions where an explicit cultural attitude is: "in loco parentis".
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Entitlement mentality: Things rich people say

This is capped from the comments of a Wall Street Journal article,"College Debt Hits Well-Off: Upper-Middle-Income Households See Biggest Jumps in Student Loan Burden".  The article mentions, in part, children of higher-income households attending tier-two universities, and even community colleges, to save money.

Complete and total cluelessness.  You don't have to be insightful to receive a large paycheck.

Amanda Frye: ...Part of the problem is the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive in society. Wish the government would extend the tax credits for tuition past the $180,000 income level. Also a break on Capital Gains tax for tuition money would be helpful too.

James Erwin: You're kidding, right? The pervasive entitlement mentality is part of the problem.  However, "may I have a tax cut to help pay for my children's tuition, please?"

Amanda Frye: ...Entitlement I don't think so especially when you pay top tuition for two children one at an Ivy and another at a top private college....

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A petition I signed

Here's a petition I signed.

The 17 year old girl was sexually assaulted while passed out.  The assailants posted photos of the act.  They received plea bargains without the prior knowledge of the victim or her family.  The victim was angry about this, so she tweeted their names.  Now she faces possible contempt of court charges.  This is a petition to the judge asking that the victim not face any penalties for her tweeting.